Ryan Kenton – Everytime (ft. Delsa)

Exclusive Interview

by Michelle Fetky

DJ & producer, Ryan Kenton recently released his new single “Everytime” featuring vocalist Delsa. You may know Kenton from his Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” which quickly went viral back in December of 2014. It accumulated 250,000 plays and over 100,000 downloads in less than a month. The remix gained so much traction that it was eventually removed from Soundcloud by Taylor Swifts legal team (no hard feelings Taylor, but you have to admit that was a great remix).


In October of 2015, Kenton made his national radio debut with KiddNation’s #FlushTheFormat mix. During the mix, Kenton premiered his original song ‘Fleek’ for the first time on national radio, being heard by millions of listeners.

Since then Ryan has been focused on producing his own original music and remixes. In that time frame, just shy of 2 years, Kenton’s music has been heard-worldwide, with over 2 million song listens, 100,000 song downloads, over 5 million video views and collaborations with international artists.


Delsa has been singing ever since she was young, but was out of touch with it (you would never know) when Kenton approached her. Actually, Kenton was a little hesitant to reach to her because his friends Dad messaged him on Facebook saying how his niece was a really great singer. Ha! We would have been weary as well. This time however, it worked out for the best. These two work well together and “Everytime” is one of those catchy tunes ready to be  stuck in your head.  We can certainly envision it being a radio hit.

Check out the full interview below along with the single “Everytime.”

Catch the full interview with Ryan Kenton – Everytime (ft. Delsa) Exclusive Interview.Ryan Kenton Below:

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