Sander van Doorn as Purple Haze Re-Cap

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Sander van Doorn is a man on the move. He was the Raver Magazine cover model for the August edition, where we first introduced you to his Purple Haze moniker and we covered his album release party in Amsterdam at ADE last October. It’s easy to be captivated by this man’s sheer love and passion for music production and his drive to bring these to his fans all over the world is both infectious and inspiring. Sander is a man on the move in more ways than just traveling around the world on tour, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2018!


Recently Sander’s busy tour schedule allowed him some time in New York City where we caught up with him before his set that evening at Marquee New York. Here’s what he had to say about how tour life as Purple Haze has been going.


Raver Magazine: It seems like every morning when we wake up and check social media, there’s a new video clip of you playing in one amazing city after another. What has this tour meant to you?


Sander van Doorn: The traveling in general is a pretty special lifestyle to be honest. It’s the hardship of the flying and traveling combined with the privilege of seeing different places around the world. The last couple of years I actually started to enjoy the traveling a lot more. I was so used to acting like a machine going from city to city for shows and producing in the hotel room. Now I’m spending more time in the places I visit to play. When I first met my wife, I was telling her that I’ve been all over the world but all I could tell her is what the airports, hotels and clubs look like. Now that we’re married, it’s nice to take some time to experience the cities we travel to together.


Raver Magazine: Do you have a most memorable moment so far performing as Purple Haze?


Sander van Doorn: There are two that I can think of so far – the kickoff event in Australia and Transmission [in Prague]. The show in Australia was the first time I played live as Purple Haze so it was really special to finally start up the tour. I told myself before the tour started that this was something I needed to discover performing as Purple Haze and the responses from the fans would help me build my set. It all needs to come together on who I am as Purple Haze and what the fans see in my sets as Purple Haze. It all came together at Transmission. I felt like this was going to be an important moment for me as Purple Haze, because this is the trance temple over in Europe. I have a combination of different styles but it has a lot of trance influences, but I really felt the support and that it all came together at that show.


Raver Magazine: Has Purple Haze met your expectations so far?


Sander van Doorn: For me it was all about discovering myself and making my own decision on how the production was going to look. It’s given me so much inspiration that it pushed me to go into the studio and just produce one track after another and create an album. I want to continue to build an entire genre around Purple Haze. Creating the album was really a defining moment for Purple Haze. I have to add here that doing the album release party during ADE [Amsterdam Dance Event] was awesome. We didn’t promote it very much – it was more about testing the waters to see how a show like this would hold up at an event such as ADE. The night ended up being phenomenal. One step at a time it all comes together and it’s definitely exceeded expectations so far.


Raver Magazine: We love being able to catch up with you around the world, but it’s really awesome when you come back to New York City to perform. What do you like best about the crowd you play for here?


Sander van Doorn: The great thing about New York City, from the very first time I played there until today, is that I can truly play what I as an artist want to play, instead of having to adapt to a bottle-service concept, or what a city is used to hearing. It’s a pity that Pacha isn’t around in NYC anymore but Marquee is great to play at. They’ve really matured well and are well-respected among artists to play at. I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys at Marquee. In general, I always love playing in New York. I’ve never had a bad set there and always look forward to returning.

Raver Magazine: Well, we can’t wait for your return! You have an intense travel schedule though and that coupled with developing Purple Haze and bringing that to fans around the world, is there a particular challenge that this lifestyle brings?


Sander van Doorn: Well now that I have my wife here, we are able to travel together just about all of the time so that has been a nice change for sure. The toughest thing has to be the whole airport procedure. Recently before traveling to New York, I was in Jakarta, Hong Kong and India. It was tough to get any sleep at all because those were quick stops so we didn’t get to adjust to the time zone differences and spent so much time going from the airport to the hotel and then the club then back to the airport again. We had visa problems in Hong Kong so we were held up in immigration for some time there. The airports are chaotic but the airplane itself is like a bedroom for me. I have no problem sleeping on them!


Raver Magazine: So we’ve just turned the page on 2017 and welcomed 2018. What’s in store for you as Purple Haze and also as Sander van Doorn for the new year?


Sander van Doorn: I have a lot of new releases coming up that I’m really excited for. The Purple Haze tour will continue. We’re looking at a lot of really great things in store for 2018. I can’t talk too much about those things yet, but they’re coming. I’m really excited for Miami [Music Week] this year. Definitely come to Miami, everybody!

In January I’m headed back into the studio to produce some more tracks and then continue with the busy tour schedule after that. I feel like the music industry is really searching for that next move right now and I think the main thing is that there needs to be a little more soul, passion and feeling brought back to music. I hope the Purple Haze movement brings inspiration to fans and artists alike.