Sander van Doorn Dazzles at Lizard Lounge in Dallas, TX!

By Allison Scherer

Copyright Michael Beas

To say we got to ring in the Holidays this year with an epic performance is an understatement. We were lucky enough to see Sander van Doorn as he came to our hometown of Dallas, TX at the Lizard Lounge right before Christmas. As expected, Sander hypnotized the audience with his magnetic and powerful beats. As my best friend, Torri, and I arrived at the venue, hardly containing our excitement, we were initially surprised by the emptiness of the room. Never before had I shown up to an event as early as then, a couple hours away from the main attraction. The room pulsated with gentle yet deep beats and a few shy individuals huddled their way into the seats to take on the empty dance floor. Curious, the two of us followed suit in the calm atmosphere and waited for the clock to run its course. Few wanderers of which I could simply tell weren’t of the distinguishable rave world trickled in and took their places in the booths with an almost awkward, yet intrigued intention. For a while, I wondered absurdly if we were at the right spot or if nearby events were taking away the bulk of the crowd.

Slowly, more and more people trickled in and as it hit the half hour mark before our EDM hero made his appearance. The room seemed to gain a boost of confidence. New friends approached with frenzied ponders of “When does he play?” and “Where is he?” And once the time came where I simply couldn’t bear to answer with a repeating “hopefully soon”, the remarkable artist walked  across the stage to make his transition. There was an immediate shift. Dancers ceased their conversations to whisper and exclaim excitedly, alerting newcomers of his presence and once his hands grazed the set, the room grew thunderous with cheers. Such a subtle and teasing beginning. His opener didn’t attack the audience but rather swept it, coursing and coursing until it morphed into a heightened euphoria of sound.  Beautiful transitions, flawless to the touch. Sander made sure to take favorites like “Ori Tali Ma” and incorporate them into his consistent waves, chanting snippets of his originals into a fresh and aesthetically pleasing guidance of notes. Torri and I never wavered with our celebratory dances, cheering towards our reunion with each other and van Doorn, himself. To think one individual could bring us together in a matter of spectacular pulses was just captivating to us. The night left me breathless, elated, and inspired for the coming year. His music drove a wordless conversation mixed with playful banters and emotional resonance. But what pulled me in towards the front of the stage – what had me beaming and smitten with his brilliant display wasn’t simply his orchestrated dance of electronics. It was the glowing smile coated with passion that never once wavered from his face. Never before have I seen such enjoyment in one’s face. One couldn’t help but reflect such jubilation.

We can’t wait for Sander van Doorn to return again and allow us to share for one night, his true love and appreciation for sharing music with his fans, new and old alike.