by Michael Beas – Founder Raver Mag. 
Sander van Doorn is simply the best. He is one of the Top Producers of our time. His music takes you to a higher place that’s breathtaking. Sander Van Doorn’s Purple Haze sets transcend you as a listener of dance and his music breaks all bounds. ADE is at the forefront of dance music personification. A Purple Haze set with its beautiful mastery from one the most talented producers of our time performing, is the perfect combination that you simply must attend. If you haven’t experienced a Purple Haze set you definitely need to as it is a once and a lifetime experience that we cannot rave enough about. Sander and his alter ego Purple Haze will leave you in awe…  Don’t miss this historic performance that I know leave a lasting impression on how you and how you view music.”
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Following the announcement of his return to ADE with a special fifteen-year anniversary for his Identity Radio Show, pioneering Dutch producer/DJ Sander van Doorn adds another event to the festival’s calendar, this time at the illustrious Melkweg. Partnering once more with Dolby Atmos, Sander Van Doorn’s Purple Haze event aims to dismiss two-channel audio limitations, replacing it with a sound that revolves around the listener in a three-dimensional space.

With the concept initially reaching US audiences, the event’s Amsterdam debut will feature the full Purple Haze discography remastered from the Dolby studio in London. Raising the standards of sound production and pushing the boundaries of club sets, this all-encompassing audio experience is sure to make for an unforgettable musical journey.

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