Exclusive Interview: Seven Lions November Cover Story 

By Amanda Cowan

Interior Photos by Michael Beas

  This fall, Seven Lions embarked on his Journey Tour, which took him and a crew of other producers (Pegboard Nerds, Grum and Unlike Pluto) around the nation for a few months, performing for fans who had been anxiously awaiting the sold out shows since being announced over the summer.   We had the opportunity to catch Seven Lions on tour during his stop in Cleveland, Ohio in early November. Our takeaways from the show were – the visuals were on point, the hits were played and new tunes were introduced (“Cold Skin” featuring Echoes, released 11/9 via Monstercat). Our only complaint was that the show had to end before sunrise! What made the evening even more bittersweet was that we had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Jeff Montalvo, a few hours ahead of his performance at The Odeon. Jeff has released remixes under some of the largest labels in dance music, including OWSLA, Anjunabeats, Republic Records and Monstercat – which shows his unique and individualistic sound. A composition of Electro, Dubstep, Trance, Drum and Bass and Progressive, Seven Lions endures quite the creative process when it comes to choosing specific elements to craft his songs and remixes.   “I like all different kinds of music, so I think that comes across in my work. It’s very eclectic. When you listen to my music, you can tell it’s all very different. I listen to a lot of metal, and a lot of Trance. I incorporate all that into my own work,” Montalvo explained.   With a metal and punk background, Seven Lions is experienced in playing bass, guitar and the drums. Talk about multi-talented! But has he ever thought of doing a live set that incorporates him playing the instruments he’s so well-versed in? https://soundcloud.com/seven-lions/seven-lions-falling-away-feat-lights-festival-mixavail-jan-29 “I used to think about it all the time,” Montalvo explained. “After a while, though, I’m just so used to traveling with my backpack. It feels more versatile having a DJ setup opposed to loading and unloading a whole set of instruments and equipment.”   Every musician has their inspiration – it’s what kick starts their career. Everyone who knows and loves Seven Lions is familiar with how he followed his love for Above & Beyond, and vocalist Zoe Johnston, and how he downloaded the parts to their “You Got to Go” single and entered the song’s remix competition using a copy of Fruity Loops. Inspiration aside, Seven Lions explained that “maintaining a love and passion for music” is what continues to drive him to create new and fulfilling work.

“I’ve always just loved music,” Jeff told us, “ever since I was a kid – and I know that I always will.”

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