Sevenn Joins Ilkay Sencan & Patrik Jean for “Blind Side”

    Searching for that perfect tune to fuel your summer nights? Thankfully, Sevenn has returned alongside Ilkay Sencan and Swedish vocalist Patrik Jean for their new spellbinding single on Spinnin’ Records, “Blind Side.” As Sevenn’s irresistible Hybrid Techno has touched down on some of the largest stages around the world since the project’s inception, the Brazilian-American talent shows no signs of slowing down with a string of eye-catching releases having rolled out this year. Though there is so much more to come, we have to say that “Blind Side” is one of our favorites thus far. With one listen, you’re sure to see why.

    Like the rest of Sevenn’s discography, “Blind Side” is a full-bodied story from start to finish. Through a sea of semi-dark soundscapes and elusive synth beds, “Blind Side” comes to life via Patrik Jean’s iconic vocal addition. Paired with Turkish producer Ilkay Sencan’s distinct thumbprint, “Blind Side” is a wondrous medley of styles from around the world, while still retaining that Hybrid Techno flair we know and love.

    “Blind Side” may be yet another hit release from the superstar talent, but it doesn’t come close to all Sevenn has in store. Searching for more beyond churn-and-burn release cycles, Sevenn is embarking on a new creative journey as a mentor in production. With years of experience at his back, Sevenn will soon bestow all his valuable knowledge in the form of a production class, soon to land on Keep your eyes peeled for more details to come, and stream or download “Blind Side” on your favorite platform today!

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