SHADES Return With “Dark Wing” Ahead of New Album

    Alix Perez. Eprom. SHADES. It doesn’t get much better than this. Putting the finishing touches on a run of sold-out U.S. tour dates, the acclaimed duo are back with “Dark Wing.” This is the first single off of their upcoming album, From a Vein— slated for a late-summer release on Perez’s acclaimed 1985 Music imprint. The forthcoming 14-track LP marks the pair’s first full-length album since In Praise Of Darkness, released on Deadbeats in 2018. 

    This isn’t for the faint-hearted. But what SHADES music is? “Dark Wing” is plain menacing, designed to transport listeners to the absolute lowest ends of the sonic spectrum. These two masters of production are rightfully considered to be pioneers of the underground bass movement and they never disappoint. Primed to take their experimental approach to new heights, the single and forthcoming full-length album showcases Shades’ sonic innovation, production prowess, and raw energy; further cementing the duo as two of the most exciting and inventive in contemporary bass music.

    “This album found us experimenting with new production techniques and exploring collaborations with other artists. It’s a continuation but more refined body of work and an exploration of wider sonic fields more diverse in terms of influences, including ambient, field recording, soundtracks, as well as pushing our own vision of modern electronic music. The album was primarily conceived in Portland during the onset of the pandemic, which gave us plenty of time to focus in on the music and dial it in.” – Eprom & Alix Perez 

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