Shay De Castro Lands On Kraftek With ‘Mapping The Heavens’

    Showcasing her potent sound and flawless production credentials, LA-based producer Shay De Castro debuts on Kraftek with Mapping The Heavens – out now as part of Pleasurekraft Presents: Monolith Series 5.

    Employing thunderous basslines and growling synths, Mapping The Heavens exudes a powerful presence from the very first beat. Steadily building tension, Shay introduces shuffling percussion and arresting synth leads. Expertly crafted for peak time moments, Shay’s latest offering is one of her finest creations to-date and demonstrates her daring and uncompromising sound.
    Mapping the Heavens is the track I feel truly represents me as an artist, currently. One day, Pleasurekraft approached me and asked if I had anything for Kraftek. Little did he know I’d already been working on Mapping the Heavens for a while at that point, with the intention of sending to Kraftek, talking myself into and out of sending it over… When he asked me for music, I took that as a sign from the universe and here we are! ” – Shay De Castro
    Embarking on her musical career at the age of fifteen, Shay De Castro was raised in a place with no electronic music clubs to speak of. Through experimenting with different genres and adopting techno as her true passion, she rapidly rose to become one of the most thrilling talents to emerge from the US in recent times. Her releases have repeatedly entered Beatport’s Top 20 Techno Charts, including singles and EPs like Dichotomy with Nihil Young, remixed by Gary Beck in 2019, Assembly in 2020 and Let Us Free in 2022, to name a few. Signing to influential labels, such as Respekt Records, CODEX Records, OFF Recordings and No Mercy Records, Shay’s music has been supported by the globe’s techno tastemakers, such as Adam Beyer, ANNA, Charlotte De Witte, UMEK, Richie Hawtin and Amelie Lens.
    While the results of her hardworking studio sessions may have put her on the map, it is her charismatic sets that have helped to grow her following, and led her to tour around the globe. Her performances are characterised by hypnotic melodies and throbbing bass, ideal for audiences seeking a live journey through heavy sounds and danceable melodies. Now in 2022, De Castro makes her emphatic Kraftek debut, as well as her return to Spektre’s Respekt imprint with her Hills Devise EP. Having solidified her place at the forefront of techno’s new generation, Shay is an unstoppable force that continues to flourish with every move.

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