Up and coming NYC-based producer, SHWEXX, does a brilliant job on his newest release, “reach.” The track has all the makings of a tasteful heavy dubstep melody without overdoing the typical headbanger aesthetic. “reach.” tastefully harmonizes the rapid paradigm shift and gives you an out-of-body experience with the way its striking vocals and chords are manipulated. The way SHWEXX synthesizes vocals, bass, and rhythmic patterns give his work an unassailable position in the space of dubstep.

Stream or download “reach.” across platforms here.


Alex Shweky better known by his stage name SHWEXX, is a New York City based producer. A producer of trap and dubstep, he is most known for his funky, dark, bass-heavy sounds using dirty bass synths and hard-hitting drums. Active since 2005, he was a drummer playing in bands like These Broken Gentlemen, Ever so Noble, and Naked Hugs. He’s no stranger to the driving force of percussion and makes that a highlight in his tracks. He started his journey into music production in 2019 after encouragement from the grammy-nominated producer, Arty Skye, and released his first single only 4 months later.  

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