‘Fly Away’ is the final track to be included on Siskin’s outstanding ‘Dopamine EP’, which receives its full release today.

    Through ‘Villaneve’, ‘Electric Love’, ‘Never Alone’ and now ‘Fly Away’, Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton have achieved one of the most strived for things within any genre of electronic music: their own sound. Perhaps more importantly even, it’s as authentic, organic and from-within one as they come.

    While some artists use ‘EPs’ as experimental platforms – ones with which to flirt with others stylistic areas, in ‘Dopamine’s case, it’s the exact opposite. Tonally, its four tracks have a common synergy and feel, which in itself is the perfect echo of the singing/songwriting/production creatives behind them.

    Dropping effortlessly into the slipstream formed by their first three tracks for Black Hole Recordings, ‘Fly Away’ develops exactly the type of rippling, cyanically-tinted bass warmth, aquiline synths and temperately blissed-out pads a month like February needs!

    To love one is to love all… The beautiful beguile of Siskin’s ‘Dopamine EP’ is available for all to discover here.

    Check it out on Spotify below.

    The Dopamine EP Tracklist:

    01: ‘Villaneve’
    02: ‘Electric Love’ (Original Mix)
    03: ‘Never Alone’
    04: ‘Fly Away’

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