Back in Feb, through the effortlessly brilliant ‘Fly Away’, the singing sisterhood of Siskin signed off their ‘Dopamine EP’ in style. Since, Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton have let ‘Villaneve’, ‘Electric Love’, ‘Never Alone’ & ‘Fly Away’ live out there for fans to fully absorb.

    Today the all-singing, all-spinning duo recommence their grand (lockdown-conceived) plan with ‘Nobody Loves Me’ – the first in a new singles string. Released though Black Hole Recordings, the ethereally toned track is the first from their ‘Serotonin EP’, which picks right up right where ‘Dopamine’ left off.

    Now if the title of Siskin’s latest has you harboring concerns of, let’s say… a more despondent nature, well fear not… In their full telling, Sue & Suzanne’s lyrics could hardly be more heartening. Delivered in Siskin’s achingly beautiful, siren-esque style, riding atop lucent melodies, their involving words draw you ever closer.   

    Siskin once again manages to pull off the impressive feat of burying ‘Nobody Loves Me’s floor-ripe production power deep beneath the surface of the track. Only after multiple spins does the propulsion of its beats, subtly percussive loops, and surging bass fully penetrate its evocative upper atmospheres.

    A paean to separation, and moreover reunion, ‘Nobody Loves Me’ brilliantly puts into words what so many have experienced. It’s out today through all good sales and streaming platforms, and you can put ears to it here.

    01: Sisken ‘Nobody Loves Me’ (Original Mix) 

    02: Sisken ‘Nobody Loves Me’ (Extended Mix)

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