During a tumultuous time in the world, sometimes what we need is a little love. That’s what SNSE‘s new single “We Need Love” is about and as we’ve come to realize, the man is a whiz in the studio. Featuring Elijah Blake on vocal duties, “We Need Love” is the perfect feel-good dance anthem, perfect for easy-listening and impromptu dance sessions all over. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with SNSE for a quick interview and we think it’s fair to say that the future is bright for this man. Check it out and stream his single below:

1. Thanks for taking the time SNSE. For our readers who may not know you yet, what are you all about?

I’d say there are a few layers that comprise what me and this project are about. The music to me is all about just making what I feel or what’s inspiring me at the time. Because of this, people can expect to hear a lot of different styles of drum and bass from me. I also wanted to make a statement both sonically and visually with each release. We’ve gotten to work with some amazing motion graphic artists including Reuben Fro who is absolutely insane at what he does. Shoutout to Reuben! 

Lastly this project is really just a journey of a small team trying to do this without any major labels, figuring shit out as we go, and trying to make good music!

2. Tell us about your new single. We certainly do need more love in this world. Was that the inspiration behind it?

We definitely do. I started the demo for this track around July 2020 and I remember not being able to escape news stories, articles, social media, all this negativity being broadcasted to the world. I had a feeling that we need more things bringing us together. 

3. Elijah Blake is a serious talent – how did that feature come together?

I had a demo for this ready to go and I could already hear the type of singer I wanted for the track but just didn’t know who. I was going through Spotify, picking artists, going through their similar artists looking for the vocal artist I thought this track needed for a few days but just didn’t find it. A few days go by and I’m riding in the car with my manager, and he’s playing the Album Jesus Piece by The Game. All of a sudden Freedom comes on and it’s Featuring Elijah and it just clicked, this is the guy, so we reached out. I actually remember getting a call from Nael Attweh, who was consulting for us at the time and helped us get in contact, that Elijah heard the demo, he was inline at the bank and he already wrote the melody while in line, and I just remember laughing and getting so excited.

4. Being Frankie Valli’s son, would you say that the love for music was passed down?

I think so. I grew up going to his shows and at 6 years old all I wanted was to play guitar and be in a band. He has definitely been a huge inspiration for me and watching him has shown me the work it takes to make what you want happen. I also think watching him, seeing and learning about his career has helped give me a clear perspective of  what I want and what my goals are as an artist. Love you Dad. 

5. What is your overall goal as an artist/producer?

Make good art, never stop getting better, never get comfortable and see how far we can take it. 

6. You released a TON of music last year. What was the reasoning behind such a massive output?

For a long time I was making music but never releasing anything because I always thought It could be better and I eventually got to a point where I said to myself If this is what I want to do I need to believe in it 100% .I also have a few friends who I was showing my music too and they helped give me that push. But Something just clicked, so part of the reason is I had all these new tracks just sitting around and I just wanted people to hear them. Another part of the reason is If you are a newer artist trying to come up, you kind of need that consistent steady flow of content. 

7. What are some things you are looking forward to enjoying once COVID is “over?”

I can’t wait for shows and clubs to come back again. There’s something about going to a show and hearing a DJ drop the newest and hottest tracks. I always leave wanting to get back in the studio and work on more music. I can’t wait to travel again, especially looking forward to visiting Japan again.