Instagram sensation, fitness, and fashion model Calvin Boling (of The Boling Twins) chatted with the Powerjournalist about a new air purifier that has been beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Calvin and his identical twin brother, Cory, make up the Boling Twins.

Photo Courtesy of Calvin Boling

He noted that it is the only thing on the market that is actually going to help us get through the pandemic as opposed to being told to hope to avoid something we can’t see and letting the virus be. “This air purifier with NASA technology provides us with a first line of defense actively going out and destroying the virus before it can effect others in businesses, homes, and all over,” Boling said.

Celebrity Chef Bruno Serato purchased several of the air purifiers for his restaurant. “The Air and Surface Pro that I installed in every room in my restaurant keeps my crew and customers safe and since safety is our priority against COVID we are extremely satisfied with it. I recommend that every other restaurant should have it too,” the esteemed chef said.

Boling is drawn to it for a variety of reasons. “I love that I have a first line of defense that’s constantly sending things out 24/7 destroying everything harmful in the air and on all surfaces that I can’t see providing me with peace of mind knowing that I’m protected,” he said.

The social media star remarked about the air purifier, “I’ve always had horrible seasonal allergies from all of the pollen and pet allergens in the air. It was always a distraction when it came to trying to concentrate and focus on something.”

“After having this air purifier in my house I have stopped sneezing, it has relieved that constant tickle in my throat, and I haven’t had to take my allergy medicine as I did before. On top of that, it kills SARS-CoV-2, which has made me feel a lot safer,” Boling concluded.

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