How on earth could Solarstone possibly follow up something as soul-stirringly beautiful as last month’s ‘Mist On The Hill’?? Well … there’s always Hope!

    It’s no coincidence that ‘Hope’ is arriving on airwaves and clubfloors at a time when we frankly couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Richard shares that his latest creation “is about the aspects in life that truly mean something. Happiness, health, love and strength, as well as courage, positive change, and peace in our time. Its message is also about keeping some raw faith in the future and believing in brighter days ahead. I like to think” he says, “that’s well reflected in the feel of this release.”

    ‘Hope’ takes flight with cyanic, aerodynamic melodies, which gravitate straight to the production’s centre. Once aloft, they enter a slipstream of Solarstone elevating piano notes, reflective pads & chords and halting-yet-angelic vocal harmonies, all of which bring a limitless optimism to ‘Hope’s tone. 

    Again, Solarstone pulls off that smartest of studio tricks, disguising a floor roaring production under all its layers of accension. Drum dominion and percussive loops power it onwards, ensuring that just as all spirits are uplifted, no clubbing foot remains unmoved!

    This what it sounds like when the doves fly!! Find ‘Hope’ here from today.


    01. Solarstone – Hope (Original Mix)
    02. Solarstone – Hope (Extended Mix)

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