Space Jesus aka Jasha Tull is a Brooklyn, NY based electronic music producer. His music is on a whole other level with its origins rooted in hip-hop. Time and space collided to form a new era of musical talents that quickly developed into a profound bass-line synthesis, commanding beats and futuristic beats was ground breaking and in many ways…genre defying. With BASS drops that are literally on another planet, Space Jesus is taking the electronic music world by storm with epic sets delivered at Mysteryland USA, (Bethel Woods, NY,) TomorrowWorld, (Atlanta, GA,) Shambhala, (Salmo, BC,) and 710 Cup (Denver, CO,). He is also on tour working the different venues with outstanding visuals and ear shattering profound musical creations that rock you to very core of your soul.   Raver Magazine was LIVE at Slake in NYC to witness first hand the celebration of the release of his new album ‘Close Encounters’ that was dropped literally in front of a sold out home crowd. If you have not had a chance to check it out yet you are certainly in for a surprise. From start to finish ‘Close Encounters’ will have your clinging to those around you in the hopes that its vivid deep raw bass will never let you go. Its so hard to find these days producers with the courage to make music that is different from the rest of the crowd. In an electronic world plethora of beats and mainstream tracks that are being re-mixed to the extend of sounding, I dare say, ‘boring’ along comes a master music maker to take us all to a different planet. The Space Jesus planet that will have you feeling close to those around you and a world that will have to be played over an over through your listening device.   Deffinitly check out Space Jesus and catch his latest work of art titled ‘Close Encounters’ Out NOW     ]]>