Space Jesus

 By Amber Lynn // Photos by Michael Beas

Coming from a tiny town in Blacksburg, Virginia (home of the Hokies) it’s rare to find a decent show. There are no large venues surrounding the area. Every now and then a true underground DJ makes an appearance at either Virginia Tech or downtown Blacksburg. Friday, September 29th Space Jesus resurrected his nasty beats at Sycamore Deli! I was taken to another level as I watched his long flowing Bassnectar like hair fly around to the beat of BASS! Jasha Tull, known by his stage name Space Jesus, has his own galactic and futuristic, lower frequency style that no one can match. RaverMag_space-jesus-1_hdr His unique sound is like a crossbreed between gangster beats and a futuristic time-hop. His website describes him as “the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.” After finally seeing him live I can tell why. Lucky for me the venue was super tiny and stepping out for some air I found myself hiding in a hole in the wall. Looking over, to my surprise I saw that he was there. I introduced myself to one of the sweetest, most chilled back, relaxed dudes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! Although the venue was tiny and very crowded due to it being a literal underground event, everyone had an out of this world time!   Space Jesus is currently on tour, so if you haven’t caught him live I suggest you grab a ticket as soon as possible!]]]]> ]]>