Space Race and GAINCHANGER remix Scafetta X Grisly’s Drifting Away


    Los-Angles based producers Space Race and GAINCHANGER have combined to create an interstellar sounding experience. Remixing Scarfetta and Grisly’s original ‘Drifting Away’, the talented pair transform a tranquil trap track into an epic cinematic experience whilst maintaining the raw emotion that bleeds through the original.
    Enticing synths steadily emerge from the initial sound of a nostalgic crackling record, immediately creating a trippy atmosphere which is added to by the imposing introduction of a rumbling bass and dynamic drums. The track continuously increases in intensity by inserting an authentic arpeggio, manic percussion and erratic synths which culminates in a sense of consistent unpredictability, keeping the listener stimulated by the sensational song.
    Raspy reverberating vocals contribute an emotive injection to the technical production as well as creating a catchy bridge, adding yet another interesting element to an already hectic track. This emotion is bolstered by the raw lyrical content, “I feel so goddamn broken and the drugs don’t work” which alongside distorted worried voice notes presumably from a partner add a powerful personal touch.
    Space Race and GAINCHANGER, who regularly perform together, have clearly combined their respective strong points to create some amazing music. Gathering over 4M Spotify streams in their career thus far, Space Race has enjoyed a prosperous career as a boundary pushing producer. ‘Fading Away’ is an amazing addition to a fantastic discography.



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