Defying any pressure to produce between the lines, seasoned producer Spiderhound drops new single ‘Phlame’, a sumptuous slice of IDM that dips in and out of different genres and rhythmic patterns with just the right amount of confidence to pull it all together.

Mentored by ill.gates and Mr Bill, the level and dexterity of the single’s intricate composition should come as no surprise to keen music fans. Spiderhound, aka Sean Noughton, flows deftly between sections of the track that beat against their own rhythm and rap-influenced parts that use the vocal line to flood back down into the natural groove. Dreamy, undulating synths float into stuttering rhymes and fluttering FX, on the beat then off again. It’s a combination that on paper shouldn’t work but in the hands of Spiderhound, does.

“Phlame is a catchy downtempo bop that incorporates melodic and experimental vocals, rap and breakbeats,” Spiderhound explained. “It’s all about that burning desire and magnetic connection between two people.”

The US-based producer has almost three decades’ experience creating everything from rock to electronica, has collaborated with the likes of Kermode, Skrilla, DETOX, Alarke, Imperivm and Baphometrix, has released via Muti Music, Producer Dojo, Alpha Pup and Obskure, and has a hefty 4 Beatport #1s to his name. If ‘Phlame’ ticks the right boxes, check Spiderhound’s socials below because we’re told with confidence that “this is just the tip of the iceberg”.

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