American water polo player and attacker Tyler Abramson chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his career, which includes NCAA Championship wins, as well as the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games to 2021.

“I have been doing well during quarantine. I have been hanging in there,” he said. “The key for me is to fill the time. We have been doing a lot of Zoom meetings. I am trying to stay on top of everything and I am trying to keep myself active.”

He is drawn to the sport of water polo due to the “camaraderie” he has with his teammates. “Being able to spend time with my best friends and to be able to compete at the highest level is just a joy and an honor for me,” he said.

On being a water polo player in the digital age, he acknowledged that technology has helped his game enormously. “At Stanford, we have a videoboard and cameras, and I am fortunate enough, to have a camera where I can shoot and watch myself. It’s insane the way that technology has affected the game,” he said.

Earlier this year, in January, the USA water polo team beat Greece in in Cuneo, Italy. “That game was awesome because our whole team has been working really hard to understand each athlete’s playing styles. That water polo game, USA vs. Greece, was where we started to all click, where we were all able to settle to a rhythm and we were all on the same page. The results were very rewarding for us,” he said.

“Also, being in Greece for New Year’s was an amazing experience in general,” he said.

His career accomplishments include the NCAA All-Tournament Team — First Team in 2019, and NCAA team champion. “My experience in Stanford University has been awesome. It will always have a special place in my heart due to its academic rigor, as well as the athletic excellence that was pursued. You grow so close to your teammates,” he said.

“The moment that really defined me athletically was at the semi-final at the NCAA tournament this past year. I felt like I played pretty well and we worked so hard for that moment. It really showed me that the more I put in, the more I get out of the sport,” he explained.

On his daily motivations, he said, “I am motivated in the pursuit of excellence. I find myself doing something that I really love to do. I wake up every day and I want to get a little bit better. I want to become an Olympian. I take great pride in being a part of the men’s national water polo team. I always want to do my part to earn that spot.”

For young and aspiring water polo players, Abramson encouraged them to pay attention on the fundamentals. “You don’t have to move mountains in a day,” he said. “You need to focus on the fundamentals and locking those down every single day. When I do too much, I realize that I start performing worse.”

He offered the following advice for athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Take pride in the little things. The postponement is a blessing for our team. The one thing Team USA has always struggled with is being able to compete with the European players that play year-round. Now, we have a whole extra year to become one body as a team. That is something that will only help us.”

A native of Orinda, California, Abramson defined the word success as “being balanced and high-performing in all aspects of my life.” “Success, for me, exists in every aspect of my life: being the best water polo player I can be, being the best friend, person, family member, and overall man that I can be,” he said.

For his fans and supporters, Abramson expressed his appreciation. “To my friends and family, I love you, and thank you for everything. To everybody, that has supported me along the way, I am so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t be the man or the player I am today, without all those people that are behind me,” he said.

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