Unfortunately, post-festival depression is real and hitting us as we reminisce about Miami Music Week and Ultra. We couldn’t help but remember some great acts we can only hope to see live again. Cry with us and check out our picks below.

Swedish House Mafia

After the release of “Greyhound” and the collaborative promotion with Absolute Vodka, it seemed that Swedish House Mafia was on top of the world. Nothing could touch them as they had become the face of the emerging new establishment of EDM. That was until they revealed that they were done shocking fans far and wide left confused and disheartened. After an enormous farewell tour and final performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, Steve Angello split to focus on his label and solo career while Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell came together under the new name Axwell /\ Ingrosso.  

Krewella (Jahan & Yasmine vs. Rain Man) 

EDM had never truly seen a messy break-up the size and magnitude of Krewella’s split. After successfully becoming the new emerging sound of electro house, dubstep, and drum and bass, the trio released an album and toured sold-out shows across the United States. That all ended when Kristopher “Rain Man” Trindl appeared to resign from the group. The drama exploded when Kristopher sued the remaining members Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf and their manager claiming he was being unfairly thrown out of the group. With a $5 million lawsuit thrown in their faces, Krewella fired back with a counter lawsuit claiming that Kristopher was out of control with his drug and alcohol abuse while faking his DJ performances alongside them. Ultimately, the sisters continued to push new music under Krewella while Rain Man linked up with Buygore Records and began releasing music on his own where he has collaborated with Sirah, Omar LinX, Oly, Krysta Young, and more. 

What So Not (Flume vs. Emoh Instead)

Flume and Emoh Instead were and are currently the biggest names in the ever-changing music landscape Australia has to offer. By 2010, these two began to leave a large impression on the larger EDM scene with their formation as What So Not. However, due to the struggle between Flume’s increasing absences at What So Not performances and creative differences, Flume announced his departure from the duo and Emoh Instead announced that he would continue as What So Not. After the release of the final track they did together under the Gemini EP, Flume continued to grow in his single efforts and recently dropped his sophomore album Skin. Meanwhile, What So Not dropped his first solo releases under the Divide & Conquer EP and his monster remix of “Innerbloom” by Rufus du Sol. 

Carl Cox leaving Space Ibiza Residency

One of the most shocking revelations to shake the house music world’s foundation was the news of Carl Cox not renewing his residency at Space in Ibiza. This was the first time the legendary DJ will not be performing in fifteen years. Although this break-up is not in the same vein as the other splits on this list between people, this was the equivalent of finding out that the couple that’s been together forever are taking a break from each other. Carl Cox has stated that he will continue to play shows in Ibiza, but that he’s taking things slow as to not strain in body. Nevertheless, the move is still the end of an era for many house fans as time and stress takes a toll on our musical heroes. On the bright side, we can still catch the godfather of techno at Ultra Music Festival every year. Thank you UMF!


One of 2017’s most unsuspecting moves was witnessing trap kinds Flosstradamus split. Josh Young revealed on Instagram that he wanted to separate himself from Flosstradamus in order to focus on solo material under the name J2K while still maintaining his love for fans of his time as a duo. Meanwhile, Curt Cameruci will continue making music under the Flosstradamus banner. This move came as a shock as the duo was a core part in the rise of electronic dance music’s trap sub-genre with their remix of “Original Don” by Major Lazer. Although no major developments have come from either party since the split, we’ll find out soon what these two have in store in 2017. 


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