Stranded on an Island with Stephan and Victor of DubVision 

By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas


DubVision is a Dutch DJ duo comprising of brothers Stephan and Victor Leicher. Both boys played instruments in their childhood and later decided to form the duo after Stephan saw his younger brother experimenting with electronic music using various computer programs. Thus, DubVision was born. They’ve been providing our ears with beautiful melodies for some years now, and we have a feeling that 2018 is going to be huge for these guys.


We recently caught up with the guys as they were traveling through New York City in what was a harsh cold winters night. Here’s what they had to say.


Raver Magazine: You have a new track that just came out. Talk to us about it!


DubVision: “New Memories.” It’s been a long process. We had the first concept of this track during Miami back in March 2017. We sent it to Afrojack and he really liked it. He had some ideas for it and also had a vocal laying around that fit this track perfectly. So we met in his studio in Holland, which is insane, and we sat there and finished the song together.


Raver Magazine: What does the song mean to you two? It has such a deep title.


DubVision: It’s a very deep title. We’ve been working for so long on it. When Afrojack sent over the vocals and we heard them for the first time and what we hope our listeners get out of hearing the track is enjoying creating new experiences with those close to you and about enjoying life. We shot the video in Iceland just driving around in two Land Rovers. That country is insane with the views and the lighting in the skies. It’s going to be a really cool video.

Raver Magazine: Did you guys catch the Northern Lights at all?


DubVision: We tried but we just missed them when we landed there. It’s pretty rare to see them and the conditions have to be just right and there were too many clouds at night when we were there.


Raver Magazine: Who inspires you?


DubVision: Swedish House Mafia was a huge inspiration for us. Their sets were insane and magical. But we recently saw Jamiroquai and it was a really cool show. It was really nice to see. We like to go to various concerts just to see how people brand themselves and create that show experience.


Raver Magazine: What have all of your amazing tour life experiences taught you?


Stephan: That’s a deep question, guys! We’ve learned that people are the same all over the world. That’s the magical thing about music. You can play a song here in New York and then play the same song in Asia and people connect to it the same way. We all have the same feelings and emotions towards the same songs. That’s one thing we’ve learned from traveling to so many places.


Victor: I’ve learned that you need to really work hard to get this kind of life. You really need to push to keep your music alive. We’ve made a lot of progress and we’re very happy about that but we’re still setting goals to achieve in the future. This collaboration with Afrojack was huge for us and now for 2018 we’re going to set the goal even higher.


Raver Magazine: Speaking of the New Year, what’s going on for 2018?


DubVision: We have two more collabs coming out, which we can’t say too much about just yet, but they’re with some of our friends..that’s all we can say. We might have released a song with them before in the past. That’s a lot of hints now so we’ll stop! We have a bunch of original tracks we’re releasing this year and some remixes as well. [Laughing] Oh and we have some really cool gigs also. Lots of really cool stuff that we can’t say anything about.


Raver Magazine: How do you see this industry taking shape in the next few years?

DubVision: We think progressive trance is going to be really stepping into the spotlight.


Raver Magazine: Alright, bonus question time. If you guys are on a deserted island, what four items are you bringing with you?

Stephan: I’m taking a boat and a phone so I can get off that island!

Victor: A fishing rod so I could catch food and feed myself and…a hot girl.