Summer Recap


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Exclusive Interview

 by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Electric Zoo 2017

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – you know them and you love them and we here at Raver Magazine agree! We recently caught up with these two after they played their set at Electric Zoo in New York City. Earlier this year they were front and center as our May edition cover models, but there’s no stopping these two, so we just had to catch up with the guys and see how their summer has been and what they have in store for us later in 2017. Here’s what they had to say: Raver Magazine: Talk to us about ‘Sexy by Nature’. We just saw your set at EZoo and it was damn sexy…how do you go about defining this in your sets around the world?   SJ & RM: We actually never try to play ‘sexy’ and the thing with ‘Sexy by Nature’ came about because we needed a name for our new program so we could brand it. We found via social media pages that fans described our sets as being sexy, natural and fun. So that’s how ‘Sexy by Nature’ came about. We define it as just being ourselves!   We always just play how we feel. We don’t tailor our sound to what part of the world we are playing in at that given time.   Raver Magazine: How do you guys like playing in front of a New York crowd?   SJ & RM: New York is home to us! We play whatever we want here and the reception is always great and crazy – we get so much love and energy here. We wish we had more time than just one hour to play for the crowd, though! To actually play a full set for us would be about two hours – that’s when we can show everyone what we are really about. But the New York crowd is really open minded so they’re always ready to hear new stuff. If we played only commercial stuff, we would get killed on Twitter! Raver Magazine: When you’re producing music, how does it all come together? Do you each tackle one part of the production then meet in the middle?   Sunnery James: Sometimes I’m more inspired and I will get going and start to make tracks and then Ryan gets inspired and then we work together from there. He is a genius with creating sounds and being on a loop for like two fucking hours and it’s good because that works for us! It needs to be perfect. For me, a solid track is done in a day and then Ryan takes it and goes through the sounds.     Raver Magazine: Can you talk to us about a day in the life of being you? How do you balance your hectic tour schedule with family time and time to relax?   SJ & RM: When we’re home vs touring we are on completely different schedules. When we are home we’ll wake at maybe 6 or 7am, go to the supermarket, make food..we are like normal people in the city. The touring days we’re flying a private jet, we don’t sleep for like three days and we travel from show to show. But we actually have a way normal life at home. The balance between the two worlds really keeps us grounded. They make you feel like a king closing out Main Stage at a festival and then when you get home you hear “um..honey..the dishes need to be cleaned.”   Raver Magazine: What’s next for you guys? You’re constantly giving us amazing music with insane vibes   SJ & RM: We’ve got our radio show and a lot of new music coming out on our label. We signed some great new talent whom we really believe in. We’re working on some collabs as well. We also have a spin-off of our track with Armin van Buuren “You Are” coming up next year. You know what we need to make happen..Armin needs to sing on that track! He’s an amazing man – he can do that!   We’ve had an amazing summer touring around. At Tomorrowland we did the main stage twice, Creamfields, Mysteryland…so many amazing festivals. Now what are we doing next? We have ADE [Amsterdam Dance Event] coming up in October. We’re bringing the ‘Sexy by Nature’ show to AFAS Live Arena (formerly the Heineken Music Hall) and hosting our own night there. The lineup for that event is really great – we have Sam Feldt, Benny Rodrigues, Bruno Martini and Roger Sanchez. It’s so hard to choose the artists because there’s so many that are doing amazing jobs these days.   Raver Magazine: We love those guys! Sam is actually on the cover of this month’s edition of our magazine!   SJ & RM: Sam is on the cover next? Don’t be making him look more sexy than us, please! Just kidding..maybe!

Interviewed by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas