Super8 & Tab Are Taking Their Fans ‘Past, Present & Future’

Finnish trance duo, Super8 & Tab, recently released a stunning compilation in their work titled, ‘Past, Present & Future’. We have been fans of their productions for some time now, so we jumped at the chance to interview the two about this work and to get to know them a little better.

Enjoy and if you haven’t done so yet, we cannot recommend enough giving this compilation a listen – you will certainly not be disappointed in the slightest!

Raver Magazine: Tell us the idea behind this mixtape. We got the chance to listen to it and it’s put together beautifully!

Super8 & Tab: With Past, Present & Future compilation we wanted to show our long history in trance scene and bring  that history to this day. Mix it up with current music and of course introduce where we are going with our music. DJ sets should be a journey through sound and trance is such a rich genre that as an artist you can put together a truly amazing story to bring the listener in to. But of course, with so much great music, of course this can’t be the only time we do Past, Present & Future 🙂

Raver Magazine: You seem to be really in tune with and appreciative of your fans. Can you talk to us about what they mean to you?

Super8 & Tab: Well without then, there wouldn’t be Super8 & Tab, it really is as simple as that. They make all this possible, so that we can make our music and tour the world. Every time we release a track, an album or go out into clubs and festivals, we want to deliver the very best experience for them that we can so they feel just how much we appreciate them.

Raver Magazine: What inspires you in life? When did you know you were gifted with musical talents?

Super8 & Tab: We both were drawn to DJing and music from a very young age. This is what we have always done and will always be doing. I don’t know if we have even thought about another talent aspect. We just do what we do.

Raver Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

Super8 & Tab: We have been working on collabs with lot of different artists. For now most of them are under wraps but we can reveal one of them – Khohma. We’re really excited to share it with everyone and for all the music that we have planned for 2019.

Raver Magazine: You two have a busy tour schedule. What does a day off for you both look like?

Super8 & Tab: If we are coming off tour we might take few days off and spend it with family. We both have kids and there’s nothing more important than them. Then usually we work pretty much 9-5 in the studio making music and doing all other stuff that comes with being an artists. Like this interview ?

Raver Magazine: What’s the secret to staying warm in Finland in the wintertime?

Super8 & Tab: Just wear the appropriate clothes. Even if it gets to -25 below zero, if your wearing the right clothes it’s not that bad. If you’re not wearing the right clothes then Finland in winter is not the right place for you, just come back in the summer, it’s just as beautiful then!

Fans can expect to see Super8 & Tab roll out ‘Past, Present & Future’ on the global tour circuit, with headline shows already confirmed for London’s Ministry of Soundand Zouk in Singapore. For more information on all upcoming tour dates, new music and everything else Super8 & Tab, visit



Mar 09 – ASOT 900 @ IFEMA, Madrid SPAIN

Mar 16 – Capital, Zouk SINGAPORE

Mar 23 – Seasons of Trance, Oslo NORWAY

Mar 29 – Ministry of Sound, London UK

Apr 13 – Dreamstate, Vancouver CANADA

Apr 27 – Electric Carneval, Helsinki FINLAND

Apr 30 – Electric Festival, Helsinki FINLAND

May 11 – Hornblower Cruise, New York USA

May 24 – Halcyon, San Francisco USA

May 31 – TBA, Seattle USA

Jun 01 – TBA, Los Angeles USA

Jun 15 – TBA, Kiev UKRAINE