T-Mass and Staarz Join Forces Again For Phonky House Remake of Timeless Hit “Somebody To Love.” Out On Dim Mak

    T-Mass returns to Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak with his brand new single “Somebody To Love,” a fresh phonk/house remake of Jefferson Airplane‘s 1967 timeless hit. The rising producer and DJ teams up again with singer Staarz to switch up the original’s vocals for ethereal female ones; the two also worked together on their recent cover of Billie Eilish‘s “Bad Guy,” thus continuing the trend of giving familiar songs new and bass-infused faces. “Somebody To Love” opens with cinematic melodies that gradually build into reverberant basslines, complete with a phonk touch of dark and gritty beats. T-Mass is proving himself to be a master of the remix/remake game all the way back to his 2016 remix of ILLENIUM‘s “It’s All On U,” which gathered over 70M streams on Spotify alone. Keep an eye out for more from T-Mass coming soon.

    We loved the challenge of remaking a very classic song. The vocals are iconic, and it was fun to take it in a different direction. The track is so energetic and full, ideal for festivals or workouts. Incorporating elements of Phonk made the whole thing come together.” – T-Mass


    T-Mass is an EDM trap legend and a real deal FL studio wizard from California. He first started off as a Discovery Project winner for Insomniac but has come very far since. Some songs including multiple official remixes for the Chainsmokers and Illenium have multi-millions of plays. His extensive catalog across the internet has accumulated over a billion views. In recent times, T-Mass has returned in full force stepping into new slices of EDM, creating phonk and house rhythms. Within a couple months of his return, he’s already releasing music on some of the most prestigious labels including Trap NationNoCopyRightSounds (NCS), Dim MakTrap CityTribal Trap and more to come. T-Mass is known for making entire songs in single sessions. He’s played shows all over the world including AustraliaChinaCanadaUSAItalyIndia, and at festivals including Global Dance and Beyond Wonderland. Although T-Mass has interest in multiple genres of EDM and has a current phonk focus, heavy bass and a wild show are guaranteed.


    Music has always been a huge part of Staarz‘s life. She was given her first microphone at the age of three and fell in love with it immediately. She always dreamed of becoming a vocalist for electronic dance music and strove each day, no matter the setbacks, to make that dream a reality. There have been many times when she cried herself to sleep, yelled, pushed people away, and overall destroyed herself for the love of music. But she never gave up. There were even times when she felt like giving up and doubted every decision she made, but she still pushed herself to her limits to not give up. Staarz still keeps a photo of her three-year-old self with the microphone as a reminder not to give up until her dreams come true.

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