Gary M. Douglas is an innovator by nature, and his newest book has hit the bestseller list, and it is no surprise. In The Lady Book he does a deep dive into what it means to be a lady, and what you find in this rather groundbreaking book might just surprise you because it takes on some of today’s most talked about topics, like money, business, parenting, flirtation, seduction and sex. Are you intrigued? We were before we read this book, and then a few pages in we were enthralled, so when Douglas agreed to answer our questions we were beyond excited.

These days when so many women are stressed and over extended by the pandemic, what do you think your book can do to help them thrive?

A lady is the source of power that creates the future, the source of power that creates possibility, and the source of power that creates an ever-expanding reality. When you know that you see the possibilities rather than the problems in every situation.

How long did it take for you to write your book and what was one of the challenges you faced while writing it?

It took about a year.  One of the challenges I faced was making the book long enough without diminishing the core material.

Writing is usually seen as a solitary affair, is this true in your case?

I am always looking for what I can add to my life. Never for what I can take away. I live from the question, “What can I add to my life?” The more I add, the more I create.


What are some of your favorite authors? Why do you love to read their books?

Stephen and Chutisa Bowman, Dr. Dain Heer, and Lawrence Durrell.  I love to read books because I learn something new from every book I read.  Reading is a great joy in my life. It is important to always educate yourself. The authors I like most are the ones that speak about the future and greater possibilities.

Do you have any books or other projects coming that you can tell us about?  

Advanced Pragmatic Psychologywill be my next release.  Co-authored with Susanna Mittermaier the book discusses pragmatic tools that can change your life and provide the reader with more ease in any area of their life they would like to improve.

For more information head on over to The Lady Book’s website.