“Moscow-born, Miami-based producer Nactua, dropped her latest single ‘Don’t Mess’ via PinkStar Records and I have to see that it’s FIRE! With a smooth Tech House vibe this track is set to hit stages all across the globe. I had an opportunity to catch up with Nactua on her music, her sound and her transition over to Miami. She is definitely the one to watch in 2021. Her music in my opinion is original and trend setting with a groovy flare that will not disappoint.” Full Support, Michael Beas – Raver Magazine. 

What is something that you hope your fans both old and new would want to take away from your music? 


I definitely want to pass on the energy and funky vibes through my music, so you don’t want to stop dancing at all. I want my listeners to feel groovy in the moment and repeat after those sassy vocals while feeling kind of sexy.



What is the passion behind House Music for you? For example why not pick another type of EDM Genre? 


I am not a big fan of loud buildups and crazy drops with too many crazy effects. I like Tech House and House because of the sexier beats and cool vocals and when it’s time to dig a little deeper I enjoy the hypnotic side of techno.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Don’t Mess’ how did it come into existence and what is the one message or vibe that you hope people take away from the track? 


When I produced it in 2020 the world was going through a lot and many of us are still dealing with a lot of the aftermath, so the message is supposed to uplift you and get you to repeat “ don’t mess with my sweet a**” haha…the track is there to give you that push to move on with positive badass energy!


Talk to us about the move to Miami from Moscow? How is it the same or different from where you started playing back home? 


I have moved to Miami way before I started producing, so Miami is the place has definitely inspired me to become a producer and a DJ. I had passion for music my whole life, but Moscow didn’t get me where I am today. If I ever go to spend time back in Moscow I am sure my creative flow over there would be on much darker side – like dark minimal tech house. It will definitely happen one day so I am actually curious what will I come with when I am there.

If you could perform B2B with any producer who would it be and why? 


I always say that there are so many, but one of the first ones that come to mind Hot Since 82, Maceo Plex, Prok & Fitch and many others. I just like the way these guys can take you on different journeys. I like what they create and their selection for sets.

Connect with Nactua: https://shor.by/nactua