Emerging producer Teddy Beats collaborates with long-time vocalist Jolee Nikoal in a bright, tropical, self-released record paired with lyrics designed to inspire hope and positivity during a time when the world needs it most. Upbeat and unapologetic, “Smile” is the next dance-pop hit from the Baltimore-native, yet another Teddy Beats classic concocted with a pair of driving themes behind it: glorious warm weather and the imminent and much-anticipated reuniting of friends across the globe. 

Jolee and I got to record this song live last month. She flew out exhausted; 36 hours without sleep and a night of heavy drinking. We went straight to the studio, she took one edible and fell asleep for 16 hours. When she finally woke up, we recorded “Smile”. This one is one of my favorites because it’s so bright and happy. It really does make you smile – Teddy Beats 

I’ve learned that there’s always someone out there who learns about your past and they love you enough to want to show you different. No matter how low or worthless you feel, they’ll do anything to make you smile and feel like you are most definitely worth it…also- it was a really strong edible! – Jolee Nikoal