Suddenly emerging onto the scene, Teset continues to create engrossing experiences in everything they release. The mysterious artist has not yet revealed a face or persona to the world, instead they have simply demonstrated tons of talent, an authentic approach and perpetual potential. Capitalising on the burst of momentum which has been in full throttle during the later half of 2021, Teset has now provided a sensational body of work which justifies their rapid success. 
To place ‘Egress’ in a particular genre wouldn’t do the album justice. Teset homogenizes electronic components with tranquil sounds of nature to create a large spectrum of concepts, moods and emotions throughout. The more obvious uses of nature contribute to some of the highlights of the wonderful EP, no more than in ‘Shevet’ where a windy rustling of leaves is joined by a peaceful piano, harmonious violin and a smoothing flute. Tranquility is perfectly interrupted by a triumphant distorted synth to generate a wholly original and thoroughly enjoyable musical escapade. Similarly the second track of the album, ‘Woolspeak’ is laid on the foundations of a waterfall and a subtle piano before being gradually transformed into a spacey electronic experience. 
Truly Psychedelic in its form, ‘Egress’ takes the listener on a hallucinogenic journey which passes through nature-driven euphoria, somber moments of reflection and even frightening feelings of foreboding. Most of the EP’s intensity is found in the later experiences, particularly on stand-out tracks such as ‘Spillbase’, ‘Stonemoss’ and perhaps most impressively on ‘Bloom’. Being the opening track, ‘Bloom’ sets the foundations for the musical voyage which follows by beginning with crumbling crackling frequencies before a distorted organ, mellow 808s and increasingly overbearing synths steadily build a sense of intense suspense. Teset carefully constructs tension with the sonic influence of multiple genres, even somehow managing to produce an uneasy and trippy ambience with the use of Afro-beat drums on ‘Pipe-Cyclone’. This atmosphere climaxes with a closing track ‘Stapler’, which embodies a feeling of relief after the suspenseful EP. He does this by creating an imaginative cypber-punk environment filled with a mixture of exotic and futuristic components. It is a wonderful way to close an astonishing album.  
During their very short but explosive career Teset has managed to open industry eyes and entertain many ears. Racking up over a million streams on the impressive single ‘Muckbirth’ and harvesting over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, the enigmatic producer continuous to lay the foundations for an exciting career. ‘Engres’ is an outstanding oeuvre that cements Teset’s place as one of the most exciting emerging talents in electronic music.

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