Josh Seiter, alum of “The Bachelorette” and former professional dancer, chatted with Raver Magazine about his latest endeavors.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

He opened up about family and offspring. “It is true I have a child, and it’s something I’ve chosen to keep from the public because the child is biracial, and when I posted him on my Facebook he became the target of racist, hateful messages,” he said.

“I wanted to spare him any additional hate because of the color of his skin. I have always helped take care of my son,” he added.

He acknowledged that he did cheat on his ex Yolanda Leaks of “90 Day Fiance.” “I did cheat on Yolanda, but it was only after Yolanda stopped returning my messages and a couple of weeks before the engagement ended, so I honestly don’t regret doing it,” he said.

On his plans for 2021, he said, “My plans and goals for 2021 are to keep investing. So far I’ve made six figures from investing in the market, and I plan on making my first million by the end of the year. I’m in a really good place right now, so the sky’s the limit for me.” 

Most recently, he came out as pansexual on his social media networks. “It felt liberating coming out as pansexual,” he admitted. “I’ve only been in relationships with women, but I’ve always found people attractive based on their minds, not their physical attributes. Because of this, I felt it was important to speak my truth. Society loves to label people, but I think sexuality is a continuum, and I wanted people to know we don’t all fall into similar places on that continuum. And since doing so I’ve received nothing but support, so it has been great.”

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