The Classics and Chocolate with Andrew Rayel

By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas 

Photo Credit: Floris Heuer

  Andrew Rayel, one of electronic music’s top artists, has continued to dominate the scene time and time again. One of our favorites by and far is Rayel’s   “Find Your Harmony radio show and album.”  Over time, Rayel has continued to put out collaborations, original productions and remixes with a full range of artists and dominated stages worldwide. He consistently rules the top music charts. Just this month, Andrew Rayel launched his very own record label – inHarmony Music – to be distributed by Armada Music but wholly owned by Andrew Rayel. For the new label, Rayel will act is label chief and head of A&R, thereby doing for aspiring artists what Armin van Buuren did for Rayel years ago.   We had the chance to catch up with Andrew Rayel for a brief interview in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event at the Armada Music office. This is what he shared with us.  

Photo Credit: Linda van den Broek

Raver Mag: Your music is prolific and inspiring. You truly know music and you bring in classical elements into your production. Walk us through that moment in time when it all started for you? Where does the inspiration come from? Andrew Rayel: That’s a very interesting question. In the beginning when I wasn’t touring or playing a set somewhere I would find my inspiration from watching movies. I would find it by watching a show about space or some fast paced thriller. I find that certain emotions can make a track catch fire, and movies have a way to get things going in the right direction for me. After one of my live sets today, the crowd and the fans inspire me. I wish I could go from the stage to the studio because that’s when I am most inspired to create a new track. I would love to do that before all the emotions fade out. Raver Mag: Because classical music has a huge influence on you, I wanted to ask if anyone else in your family is as musically inclined as you are? Andrew Rayel: For me, music is like playing the piano, in that so many elements go into a sound that touches your soul. I was lucky to have been born in a city where music is a big thing. That being said none of my family plays music. I even asked my parents and my grandparents if anyone in the past has been into music and they told me I was the only one. Even though my town only has 10,000 residents we still have a big music school and college. I was really lucky to be born there. In the end it’s about having love for what you do, and for me that love and passion comes from music.                      

Photo Credit: Linda van den Broek

Raver Mag: Who’s your favorite composer? Andrew Rayel: I would have to say that Frederic Chopin is my favorite of all. Raver Mag: So what’s next for Andrew Rayel? Andrew Rayel: The next big thing for me is the launch of my own label, inHarmony Music. It took me some time to launch it but in just a few months we already have several releases that are out. I am excited for all the support that I am receiving and the amount of music submissions that I am getting in. We are signing new talent and we are going to have some really good productions in 2018. Raver Mag: Bonus Question: We know you’re a lover of chocolate. How much chocolate are you consuming these days? Andrew Rayel: It’s funny that you would remember that and unfortunately I have to report that I am not having chocolate anymore. Not by choice, but I was having way too much and I need to get my sweet tooth under control.

Photo Credit: Linda van den Broek


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