The Do Lab is Where the Party’s At in Coachella

Written By Miguel Tost

Coachella’s 2017 edition was a massive success with its unmatched lineup and massive turnout. Whether fans gathered at the main stage to catch headliners Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead or to the myriad of stacked lineups on the other stages, Coachella acts as the epicenter of musical performances with a wide array of included genres. Coachella has proven that it is the go-to festival to catch rock bands, hip-hop acts, and pop icons, but how does it fair with electronic acts?

Historically, Coachella has hosted its biggest electronic acts together in the Sahara and Yuma stage. Over the years, the festival has mixed up the lineups by mixing live acts with DJs. This proves to also be true at the Heineken House, the newer stage that hosts lineups more akin to something you might find at Ultra or Electric Zoo. However, if you want the quintessential electronic music experience, you should have and should forever aim for the Do Lab stage. 

The Do Lab is an all inclusive experience that bridges the elements from dance culture to the experimental branches of electronic music. This year, the stage stacked its lineup with artists that have next to nothing in common musically. From the hip-hop rhythm of Barclay Crenshaw to the Drum n’ Bass aggression of Netsky, and the house vibes of Justin Martin, the Do Lab stage keeps its visitors content with its variety, audience, and surprises. With four surprise acts on the lineup this year and one being Skrillex, the stage takes the crown as the place to be at Coachella. If next year’s festivities is anything like this year, don’t miss it. 

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