The Download: Adventure Club – Gold Ft. Yuna (BONNIE X CLYDE Remix)


Most electronic artists take on the challenge of re-working a fan favorite track knowing there’s a 50/50 chance that it will not be received well, especially if it’s an original like ‘Gold’ by Adventure Club which is easily considered a classic within the rave community. However, Bonnie x Clyde nailed their rendition of ‘Gold’ bringing a fresh, equally intoxicating quality to the already popular track. It was a hit back when the duo played B2B with Adventure Club during Miami Music Week where fans first heard them tease it. This track is not a cover, but rather an ode to music that created a foundation for a new wave of artists who are fearless when it comes to showcasing their unique styles while celebrating the sounds that have influenced it. Bonnie’s vocals were earthy yet light as she sings verses that we can’t help but join in on (you know you sang along, don’t front). To be able to match rhythmically to Yuna, the vocalist of the original track, is not a small feat but she floats through it with such ease. The snares, delicate trap elements and vocal adjustments makes it a well rounded track we have no doubt will be played during the remainder of festival season and the next. #JoinTheRide and check out the official remix of Adventure Club’s ‘Gold’ by Bonnie X Clyde below!   ]]>