The Download / Krayysh Soars w/ “Birds of Prey” via Mad Zoo
The energy, the momentum, the vibe and the sound will take you to place you’ll never want to leave.
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 Krayysh‘s new single release “Birds of Prey,” For those of you that don’t know  Krayysh is a Mad Zoo regular, with Mat Zo describing “Birds of Prey” as a “perfect blend of gritty, dirty, electronic music and beautiful, weird melodies.” He goes on to share why he thinks Krayysh is so special by sharing that “Krayysh’s style only gets better and more refined and that’s what makes him one of the stars of MAD ZOO.” Would love to get your thoughts and support on the single if you’re keen. 

Quote from Krayysh:
Been sitting on this one for a bit, takes me back to a time where I was trying to communicate very direct ideas while at the same time keeping it “me”.  Whatever that means.” – Krayysh

Toronto native Krayysh is as much an idea as he is an entity.  Closely tied to his signature sound, he’s a concoction of multi-sensory fringe, pulled from nature and stitched together in pitch black, a staple of his production process. From those depths emerges the sonic dichotomy of his northern home, the punishing ice of bleak winters intertwined with the lush textures of it’s thick forests.  

Catching the ear of esteemed MAD ZOO label head, Mat Zo, who’s co-sign saw the release of Krayysh’s debut EP ‘Talk To Me’, and the ferocious stand alone “Running From Death”, his output has quickly solidified him as a force to be reckoned with, a sentiment echoed in support from genre leaders like Porter Robinson, Rezz, Kill the Noise, and more. 

With his latest offering, “Birds of Prey”, Krayysh continues to expand his pallet over a stampede of twisted snarls and bone breaking synths.  Notably showcasing his power to breath true life into his work, the track swells to the point it might bleed from it’s fervent slither. Like a living inside a car wreck, as it careens of the highway, the track’s chaotic momentum gives way to a thick bass-line as the carnage settles, lush synths swirl and an epilog emerges as a tortured lead trails off before again, we’re retuned to silence.