The Download: Leave The Lights On (Will Sparks Remix) – Meiko


Will sparks fly? Lend your ear to this psy-house sound banger and find out. Will Sparks takes steady aim in lining up this track, beginning with a progressive tempo, you can feel his intention to sync up a rhythmic riddle within our hearts.

A gliding melodic adventure holding hands with Meiko’s soft, yet scandalous lyrics. The blend of deep house thumps  and psy-trance enhancements act as an climbing sonic elevator to the outer limits of the atmosphere. There, as if Cloud 9 is reached, divine violins and Meiko’s voice await. 

 “I know that it’s a secret and that I gotta keep it but I want the lights on…..yeah I want the lights on”. Yes we will leave the lights on, preferably the stage strobes and lasers, but the electricity in our bodies will intensify after just one listen to this song.

 This is a definite eye closer, chill raiser, power anthem that has the potential to charge your feels.