LNY TNZ ‘After Midnight’ Ft. Laurell & Mann
[Big & Dirty/Be Yourself Music]
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LNY TNZ  drops their first single in 2018, “After Midnight”. The track rests more on the radio-friendly side of the spectrum. Featuring vocals from award-wining Canadian singer/songwriterLaurell and prolific rapper Mann, ‘After Midnight’ is a warm, rolling bop that plays with tempo, but never loses momentum.
Known for their collaborations with top-tier artists such as Waka Flocka FlameYellow Claw, andDiploLNY TNZare known for their highly lauded genre-less production style. Having started their musical journey producing hardstyle, they have come to expand their margins with their trap, electro, and bass-heavy releases. By continuously pushing the margins of the EDM boundaries, LNY TNZ have established themselves as “ones to watch” as there’s no telling what they’re going to do next.