The Download: Mirage (ft. Leo The Kind) – EGZOD


EGZOD is back with another release, this time a track titled Mirage that really boasts his ability to bend and brake the rules of developing artistic style.

Mirage is different in the sense that it takes a darker, more introspective attitude, showcased within the drops. The musical element that really stood out were the brass instruments he introduced halfway throughout the song and then brought them to the forefront to close out the track. It gives it a powerful, expansive feeling that you could drown in. If It’ll Always Be Us was smooth sailing down a calm river reminiscing, Mirage is white water swirling around the river bend, waiting to shake up your expectations when it comes to EGZOD’s sound. Leo The Kind is also featured, a regular collaborator, who adds depth and the feeling of uncertainty felt in his lyrics: The closer you get to me / The faster I’ll try to leave.

The track was released through NCS (No Copyright Sounds), making it no surprise the track is about to surpass the 25K mark and solidifying EGZOD’s quality as an artist. Seeing the kind of creative progress in EGZOD’s work is exciting as we watch him and others in the bass music realm mold the genre and make it their own.