The Download: Power House Vol. 1


Power House Vol. 1 has a little bit for everyone. A compilation of more modern and experimental styles of bass and house music come together to give us a taste of what may be coming in 2018.

“Wassuh” by Spvd and “Prehistoric Riddim” by Gameboy are probably the two most people will groove with initially. Both are set in the widely popular riddim subgenre, but both are also striving towards their own personal styles using different sounds, techniques and breakdowns. By continually pushing the envelope, riddim can continue to evolve at the rapid pace it has in the past few years. Moving on to “Muevelo” from Tony J, Audigy and Nghtkrawler and “WYD After Smoking This?” from Dunk De La Cueva, we step more towards the experimental side of bass music. “Muevelo” does throw some interesting sounds your way, but it really caught me off guard with the sharp changes in BPM and consistent vocal running throughout the song – even showing up halfway the drops. “WYD After Smoking This?” is the real wonky one. A strange cadence, bass flowing in and out and different point; it is something I have never really heard before. It is honestly kind of hard to describe, it is one of those ‘you have to listen to it’ songs that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Now we switch gears to the more house-y side of the compilation. Starting with “Ms White” by Sigfig. Definitely an interesting one, as unlike most bass house songs which offer a consistent, booming bassline a la Jauz, he decides to show restraints and cuts out the bass almost entirely at some points during the drop – definitely a bold move in such a well-established genre. “Paradox” by JC Ordonez leans more towards to the classic electro house vibes. A punchy bass with a smooth build. It’s a very clean, straight forward track. “All About The House” from xENO is by probably the most unique one. In an era that is mostly dominated by bass music, the bassline in this song is subdued. xENO seems to want to bring house back to its roots with a focus on the vibe and energy behind it. As the song states, ‘It’s all about the House music, and it always will be’.

Overall, the compilation is a snapshot of the current era of the dance music. There are artists out there beginning to try new things and push their genres forward. It is crazy to see just how much electronic music has changed in 15 years, and I can’t wait to see how it will change in 15 more with artists like the Powerhouse collective paving their own paths.