Stardust Creatures share cosmic new video for “Spaced Out” (FFO: LCD Soundsystem)

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Brooklyn-based band Stardust Creatures are sharing a new video for their indie-dance-rock single, “Spaced Out.”

“I’m a distracted, fidgety person. I zone in and out, I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time, and I lose things pretty often. As people like me grow older, we quickly discover the need to work out survival strategies- you can’t make excuses forever. You get better as you work at it, but sometimes it feels like you’re just treading water, and you end up learning a lot of lessons the hard way. There’s always a tension between the desire to be unapologetically yourself and the need to make compromises to get by. I still haven’t fully figured it out. Writing music is part of how I process things, so a lot of those frustrations ended up inspiring this song.”




The band was born out of a weekly jam session at George Sarpola’s (drums) rehearsal space, where Colin Coogan (lead vox, guitars) met Adam Marks (keys, vox). After trying testing their newfound chemistry with a couple of DIY gigs, Coogan and Marks embarked to a great uncle’s house in Long Island and wrote what would eventually become Stardust Creatures’ debut, self-titled EP.


Recruiting Colin O’Rourke (bass) and Kristen Mita (backup vox, synths, bells), the band established itself as a dynamic force in the indie NYC scene with their blend of danceable synth music and psychedelic soul.


Stardust Creatures’ lead single, “Spaced Out,” is an anthem for anyone trying, futility, to beat the rat race with a buoyant sound and LCD Soundsystem-style delivery. The video features Coogan in a full custom-made space suit traversing midtown Manhattan looking to make a connection in one of the most crowded and at the same time lonely places in the world.