The Guys of Cheat Codes Enlighten Us On Bringing The Party To Life and Envisioning Reality – The Cheat Codes Way.

Exclusive Interview with Cheat Codes

By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

  Los Angeles based trio Cheat Codes consists of original members Trevor Dahl, KEVI, and Matthew Russell. Formed in 2014, the group is young, but their mantra is empowering, strong, and clearly working for them. We recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with these super chill guys and they let us in on ‘the Cheat Code way’ and how that propelled them from producing tracks together in the very apartment they shared to touring with The Chainsmokers.   They believe anything is possible and with that mindset they’re not settling for anything less than what they set out to achieve. Here’s what Cheat Codes had to say about their big break in the industry, defining goals, and how everyone can find their very own “cheat code” in life.   The song “Sex” with Kris Kross Amsterdam is one of our favorite songs that really captured our attention. We have always wanted to ask, how did that song come about?   [Matthew Russell] The original came out in 1991. The original was embedded in my brain somehow. At the time we were working on a completely different instrumental track and out of nowhere I started humming out that song. I left for a like 45 minutes or so and when I came back these guys already had a verse and a pre-cord written. Not long later we finished it up and sent it to Spinnin Records. They messaged us back telling us that they would like to work it with Kris Kross Amsterdam and not long after we had a track. It literally came together that fast.   It’s amazing though. The bigger you get the more hoops you have to jump through. So when you’re independent it feels like things come together faster.   [Trevor Dahl] Its true though, like none of the songs that we released really cost us a lot of money. It all comes together it seems. It’s just like us doing things in our bedroom. We would just make a song, put it on Spotify and it would get 400M plays. The technology is here and if you have a good sound the sky is the limit.   How was it going on tour with The Chainsmokers?   Well we definitely learned how to take some Fireball shots. All kidding aside they really know how to cater to their audience. They are very entertaining and are great at getting the crowd into their music. At the time, not many of us had been to a dance music show and it was there that we realized how connected the whole dance music community is. It’s amazing how the crowd interacts with the DJ. It comes to life. The Chainsmokers do that. They bring the party to life and that is one of the main things that we took away from going on our first tour with them. We do that now. We cater to the audience and break genres so that at every one of our shows you leave wanting more of the music we create.     What is the Cheat Code way and mentality? What inspires you guys to work together as one and push forward day in and day out?   Our mentality is simple – we speak into existence what we want to have happen and we envision it becoming a reality. You have to define your goals clearly in life. When you treat something as if it’s going to be easy, then it will become easier. We want to inspire people from all over the world to adopt the same mindset. It really does help you accelerate your goals and achieve everything you want in life. That’s our mentality and our Cheat Code way. Its not just about you, its about how you can help other people. Part of the Cheat Code way is to do it yourself and make things happen. If you don’t have a budget, don’t worry about it. Believe in yourself and make it happen. We live in a country where if you don’t have any money, people will help you, banks will loan you money if you really try and be resourceful. There are no excuses in life – you need to own the fact. The only person to hold you back is yourself. You can’t worry about anyone else or put blame anyone else. You just have to get over it and commit to something and do it. Part of the Cheat Code way is to be resourceful and make things happen. Trust us when we say that it will happen for you so never give up and keep pushing forward.   You are genre breaking; there is nothing you guys can’t top. Talk to us about the versatility of your music and why that is important to you?   Our sets blend a lot of different elements, like pop, hip-hop, EDM, Trap. We try to be accessible to everyone. Even if you are not a dance music fan you can come to one of our shows and still take something away from us. The album that we are putting out is a reflection of those different elements that we feel everyone, no matter what you like, will be able to take something away from.   We want to push the boundaries of music. We believe in unification of people and that is the beauty of dance music. Everyone here is together for the love of music and that is the message that we are always trying to get across. It’s the universal sound that everyone is able to vibe with us as one.   With so many songs and so much success as producers what is on the radar for you for the rest of 2017 and beyond?   We are working on mix tape with a bunch of songs that we have put together over the past two years. We are going to release an eight-song mix tape and then we are going to be finishing up our album. We are definitely excited about everything so tune in for a lot of new music that we are going to be putting out over the next 12 months.   ]]>