The Hottest Fashion Gear of Moonrise 2017

by Kyle Parham

Despite an unruly weather forecast and an abundance of mud, Moonrise Festival 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland had another successful year. Although the rain added quite a damper to the first day, causing an all-festival evacuation for 3 hours, nothing could stop the Moonrise music lovers from donning their finest festival threads. Decked out head to toe in their favorite artist merch, whimsical fantasy gear and colorful fabric explosions, Moonrise fashion was on point. One of the biggest festival trends that is hitting the country by storm this season is mesh. Mesh socks, leggings, tops, and hats, if it has holes we love it. Mesh under holed jeans is huge at the moment, but for festivals the less clothes the better the vibes. Moonrise was full of cute ravers throwing mesh leggings under a pair of form fitting shorts or a jean skirt. Feeling colorful? Several Moonrise attendees went with bright pink, yellow or blue mesh, keeping those classic rave colors in check! Whatever way you spin it, mesh is the perfect way to transition from summer style to fall fashion, providing a “cool” way to show off your personality.     Braids have made their return over the past few months, but festie peeps knew how to keep those trends fresh and flawless for Moonrise. Girls and guys alike were donning colorful hair sprays to coat adorable French braids. Give this an all over glitter spray and your hair will be ready to go for hours of dancing! A festival favorite is the double half-up half-down French braid style that stops at the crown of the head and opens up with beautiful waves down the rest of the back. Another way to accessorize your braids is with glitter down the middle part. Add some bright purple or red and you’ve got yourself a built in accessory that will last you all day. Colorful braids were all the rage at Moonrise this year, and are only getting more popular in the music realm.   Porter Robinson threw down and proved to be one of the best sets of Moonrise weekend. His fans flocked from all over the country and showed out their best PR gear. Those pastel blues and purples have become a staple of the talented musician, and made for the most beautiful fashion statements. One of the best parts of Porter fashion is the accessories, from beautiful flags and totems to those adorable emoji necklaces and snap backs. Porter Robinson proved the reason once again for his incredible following, and the individuality put into each fan’s get-up was amazing.   Overall Moonrise was a perfect place to express one’s top of the line festival fashion. The better the lineup, the better the crowd, the better representation of fan loyalty through dress. Make sure to check out some of our best fashion photos of the weekend, and keep up with Raver Magazine as we highlight the best festival fashion up to date.   ]]>