Armin van Buuren Makes His Way Into New York City

 Marquee Nightclub Friday, December 1st.

Photos and Writeup by Michael Beas

One of the best moments of my life was watching Armin van Buuren perform at Ultra 2017. It was a moment in time that separated music from the realities of my life. Everything collided to form an unforgettable experience that will take me to a future of forever.   I ask myself where would my life be today if I had not caught that set next to the amazing person that I with today? Truth is no one will ever know why things happen or how they all come together, all I know is that they just do.  For me it came together during that closing set in Miami.  Armin has a way to connect music to Love, Life and above all Communication next to those closest to you. His performance is by and far a musical journey that can, in many ways, unite us as one giant Trance Family. Whenever Armin is in town, his performance is the number 1 event that I cannot miss out on. Recently Armin unveiled a 19-minute recap of the biggest arena show ever, titled “The Best of Armin Only” Armin van Buuren: “When I saw this video for the first time, it immediately felt like I was right there in the heat of the moment. Corrino did an amazing job with the live registration of the show as well as with this edit and I hope this will help my fans either relive the wonderful time we had together in the Amsterdam ArenA or dive into the show for the first time as if they were right there in person.” In many ways this video demonstrates the magnitude of how impactful his music can be. It exemplifies that sometimes music is more powerful then words. I mean who other then Armin can fill an entire arena? In this specific event over 80,000 fans from 97 different countries attended. Lucky for us that this Friday Armin van Buuren is performing in NYC at the legendary Tao Groups, Marquee Nightclub:   Just the thought that someone can fill and perform in an arena and then play up close and personal in New York City is truly remarkable to me. We recently caught Armin in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event If his performance is anything like this in New York City we are all going to be in for an unforgettable experience.  For Kristine Kennedy and myself it will once again be a memory that will connect us on even stronger level. We hope it does the same for you and your Rave Bae. Regardless of what plans you have in mind, now is the time to change them. If you have no plans, then get online and make them.  Join us Party People this Friday as we re-write history together in NYC with the one and only Armin van Buuren… #ASOT  Get your tickets TODAY by clicking HERE and catch our follow up coverage as we have an opportunity to interview him this Friday.     ]]>