The Librarian Drops Final Singles Ahead of EP “Impulse” and “Vengeance”

    Translating the complexities of digital music, The Librarian’s repertoire of music is a reflection of her own name. She collects sounds and musical inspiration spanning decades of greatness and transforms them into effortless, accessible cuts. At the heels of her recent singles “Howe Sound” and “miss u,” The Librarian is back with another A/B single “Impulse” and “Vengeance.” Both double-sided singles are jarring previews of her impending miss u EP and serve as testaments to her innovative prowess.

    “Impulse” and “Vengeance” are sophisticated takes on modern head-bangers. The Librarian balances heavy bass undertones with the relentless thump of techno, the speed of DnB, and the jig of 140 jungle, all while softening the energetic blow with a fine, melodic flow. An easy thrill, “Impulse” and “Vengeance” are the final track releases before the miss u EP arrives in March.

    Speaking on the track, The Librarian says “‘Impulse’ & ‘Vengeance’ are both energetic tracks driven by melody and broken beats. ‘Impulse’ is all about euphoria and the range of emotions that can wash over you on the dance floor. It’s a melodic juke track that is equally at home at sunrise on the last day of the festival as it is in the club with a banging sound system. I was feeling hopeful and excited about the future while writing this in lockdown. ‘Impulse’ is defined as a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act or move. ‘Vengeance’ is an energetic 140 jungle track that is packed full of arps, classic drum samples, and layers of keys. As a piano player, I had fun building up the different layers of this track and breaking them down again. The rolling bassline ties it all together and is meant to be played loud.”

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