Elements Music and Art Festival 2018

by Kristine Kennedy 

Photos by Michael Beas 


It’s bound to happen every now and then. Despite our best wishes, we end up heading to a festival in a downpour or we have the skies open up on us while we’re already there. Unfortunately, the inclement weather chose to accompany us to Elements Music & Art Festival in New York City earlier this month. This just so happens to be one of our absolute favorite festivals, so we were pretty worried the morning of the festival that it could be cut short, artists wouldn’t be able to make it, or it could be cancelled altogether. Nevertheless, we grabbed our most waterproof gear and made our way onto the NYC subway and headed towards the Bronx.

This festival resides in one of the most unique venues we’ve ever had the opportunity to experience a festival in, The New York Expo Center. The venue allows the festival to operate both indoors and outdoors and has a beautiful waterfront setting. It’s got that industrial feel to it with a little side of grunge. Mix that with the amazing vibes that this festival brings and damn – we’ve got ourselves a party! Unfortunately, Mother Nature came to the party angry this year, so we spent the vast majority of our time indoors this time around. Regardless of being indoors or outdoors, one thing is for certain that this venue is absolutely perfect for this festival.
We had a great time catching sets by Emancipator and SNBRN. And wow wow wow is all we can say for Bassnectar’s set. Mind blown. Seriously, he definitely hit us with some laser beams! And bass…so much bass. Obviously the weather made things a little bit difficult as management tried their best to shuffle some stages around and move them indoors, but it seemed like everybody adapted quickly and made the best of it.
One thing people couldn’t seem to find though? Porta-potties. We’re not sure if there were just not enough or they were moved around from the year prior or what but they seemed like they were impossible to find, even in VIP.
Overall we had a great time, although we do have one wish. We miss this festival being two days long. It was only one day this year and it made it feel crammed. Maybe it was just a mental thing but we really enjoy the vibes and art contribution this festival brings to compliment the awesome house music artists it books. Holding the event over two days makes us think this venue is our home for the weekend and we’re eager for this again in the future. Oh and Mother Nature, next year you’re only invited if you come to Elements with a smile and good vibes!