The Reactivitz and Luke Andy Team up For Todo En La Vida EP

    The Reactivitz and Luke Andy bring their disco-house finesse to the forefront of their new EP Todo En La Vida via There Is A Light Records. A 2-track production featuring an original cut by The Reactivitz and a remix by Luke Andy, Todo En La Vida is a fiery, sinful indulgence.

    Dedicated to crafting inspired techno music for driving dance floors, The Reactivitz is a fast-rising producer celebrated for blending old-school beats with the limitless sounds of the future.  His signature style is marked by a penchant for dark synths, wavy grooves, unrelenting beats, and nightlife-inspired percussions designed to make stillness move. Luke Andy is well on his way to becoming to one of the freshest faces in contemporary dance music. Drawing inspiration from his Nigerian and Korean heritage, Luke’s catalog is steeped in worldly aromas infused equally with the sounds of underground hip-hop, jazz, funk, house, and even indie music.

    Together, The Reactivitz and Luke Andy come together to create an unforgettable disco-house sound on Todo En La Vida. The original cut beams with The Reactivitz’s industrial tech flow while Luke Andy gives the song room to breathe with a more spacious yet equally-infectious sound design. The 13th official release on The Archer’s recently-founded Hollywood label There Is A Light Records, Todo En La Vida is an instant classic in the label’s fast-rising repertoire. 

    Listen to Todo En La Vida below:

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