By Amber Lynn

Photography by Melissa Orth 

Walking into the Bonnaroo Music Festival, I found smiling faces, floaty toys out the wazoo and high fives along with a heavy dose of general happiness. Just like any other music festival, right? Wrong. Bonnaroo Music Festival was one of the most surprising, relaxed camping music festivals I have ever attended. With guest performers such as Halsey, Griz and Chance the Rapper, there was never a dull moment. There were multiple stages, all off the charts incredible – Which Stage, What Stage, Who Stage, This Tent, That Tent, The Other Tent, Silent Disco, Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Barn, along with a Cinema Tent, Solar Stage, Comedy Theatre presented by TBS, New Music on Tap Lounge, Kalliope Stage, and Communion Stage. Fans called the festival grounds itself “Centaroo”. This Tent was one of my favorites. After hitting up Hermitude at That Tent, The Floozies were much anticipated. When they hit This Tent they delivered! The funky brothers duo came with high energy and their hard to miss tune that’s so unique and clean. If you haven’t checked them out yet or missed them at Bonnaroo, I suggest you hit them up at their next and nearest show! ravermag_bonnaroo_12 As the heat progressed, spirits didn’t seem to rest or falter. The days were long and the nights were chilled on the farm. The heat index values reached up to 100 degrees each afternoon so you could find many fans cooling off at Mushroom Fountain or sliding down the water slide. Lucky for fest-goers there were cool down mist tents and fill up stations all around. The food was decently priced for the festival, with options ranging from alligator tails to Thai Chinese BBQ! Who could forget the infamous ever-changing wall of art where anyone was welcome to express his or her freedom of speech and artistic ability. I saw everything from “Be happy you’re alive” to modern day “Picasso.” It was a beautiful thing to experience growth and change through art on a day-to-day basis walking by that wall. But enough about general fest life…back to the music! Friday at six pm if you weren’t at the Which Stage I don’t know which stage you were at. Griz brought one of the most action-packed performances there, his high energy and amazing sax playing brought everyone to their feet and dancing uncontrollably! There was much to jump around about during his set! I even had the chance to meet “Griz” backstage at the Floozies set on Thursday night. He’s a very humble and nice man and introduced himself as “Grant”, not his stage name. He had a very laid back attitude and seemed to have fun as he took my phone and captured a ton of pictures. One of my personal favorite sets was Key N Krates. I have seen the live band before a few times at places like TomorrowWorld and in Charlottesville, Virginia. TomorrowWorld 2014 was when I really developed a taste for the funky trio. I love that they use instruments as a part of their act and still manage to keep the crowd hype! Listening to the “Midnight Mass” album and throwing in the mix of some oldies really hit that healthy nerve of an amazing mid-day experience at That Tent. A live show can always be an experience, but a live electronic show really just hits the spot. ravermag_bonnaroo_10 Later on, I made my way back to This Tent to watch The Chainsmokers pump the audience full of crazy energy. The boys gave off so many great vibes that you couldn’t help but groove out to their new EP’s. The transition was the best to come for EDM lovers because This Tent delivered an incredible transition from The Chainsmokers to the legendary duo Zeds Dead! I always enjoy watching those two do their thing. It’s classic, filthy, hard-hitting fun and I’m so happy they attended this year at Bonnaroo!  If you were at any or most of the EDM shows at Bonnaroo you would more than likely find me there jamming out and dancing or taking pictures. Aside from the world of Electronic Dance Music, I came across some nice mellow jam bands like Dead & Company and Death Cab for Cutie. Hearing some of Miguel, J. Cole, Macklemore and guest appearances like Chance were all very nice change ups as well. I can’t thank Bonnaroo enough for letting us is a part of this beautiful experience and for being able to write about the music. I loved how we all stood together and danced as one. This Bonnaroo was very special. I was blown away by most of these performances, and I really appreciated the change ups. There was always something there to suit your mood and always something to get into. If you haven’t been able to attend a Bonnaroo, I highly suggest saving up for the 2017 edition! ]]>