The Top Music Festivals for Getting it On [Original Study]

It’s no secret a sexy soundtrack sets the mood, but does live music have the same effect? Musical festivals often share a “free love” vibe, but how many of attendees are willing to through at privacy to do the deed? In an independent study where over 1,000 festival goers surveyed discussed all the details about getting down and dirty at festivals.


Here’s what the survey found:

  • Electric Forest, Bannaroo and Burning Man attendees are most likely to have sex while at the festival
  • When it comes to the top festivals for oral sex, Burning Man took the top spot followed by Electric Forest and EDC
  • While tents are the most common hookup spots, over 15% of attendees get it on in the crowd and 9.4% brave the porta-potties to get some action

You can view all the juicy details here (including the top positions for festival lovemaking) here .

With the festival season in full swing, you might be interested to know where you might have the best chances of getting lucky. Check out the original study today!!!