From the University of YouTube to Superstar  Exclusive Interview with HARBER

By Stephanie Piedrahita

  New York based DJ/Producer & Songwriter HARBER is a master at creating the ultimate emotional experience through his passion for music. Opening for A-List artists from all over the world his vibe and energy is something that very few producers at his age can take in and conquer. Musical influences from the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Eminem, and Ed Sheeran together mixed in with his own unique elements frankly dominate and overtake the crowd with subtle ease. Its as if he is the conductor in a symphony were instead if a baton he is using mixers to create the ultimate journey into music.   Tell me how you got started, what’s your story?   I’ve always liked music, like I’ve always listened to it as an escape. Whenever I would feel anything I would sit down and listen to music and then when I graduated high school, I was a baseball player, I had just torn my shoulder. So music was a way for me to do something that I also loved and had passion for.   What position did you play? First base!…Yeah, I wasn’t that good. So, I guess you can say I was looking for something to do and I was just messing around on YouTube when I found a Coachella set from four years ago. I saw energy from the DJs and how they interacted with the fans. I thought it was by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen so I immediately Googled something like ‘DJ Lessons in New York City’. I found myself enrolled at Scratch DJ Academy in New York where I learned how to DJ and after that is when I wanted to produce because I wanted to make music that I could play out. I didn’t have anyone teach me this…I’m YouTube taught, University of YouTube Tutorials graduate basically. It’s been about two years now and I’m still learning.   So basically, anyone could become a producer or DJ through YouTube videos or does it take way more than that? Do you have to be classically trained? How many hours should someone dedicate to his or her music?   I put in just about ten hours a day. If you want to become a DJ or a producer, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and time. It’s all about the time and hours you clock in. I’m not the most musically talented person, I mean I know how to play the basics of piano and guitar but I’m not a prodigy of any sorts so you don’t have to be in order to become a producer. It just all depends honestly on that time and loving what you do. With today’s technology, I’ve seen like press one key and you create an entire chord. Just sitting down and learning the software and the material you’re going to be working with — cause if you master that everything else kind of just flows.   Speaking of software, what do you use?   I use Abelton Live and to DJ I use Record Box.   Which DJs influenced you early on?   I’m a big fan of Calvin Harris, I liked how at that time everyone was kind of doing this big room 128 heavy kick kind of thing…he was still off doing what he wanted which I thought was really cool. I’m a HUGE fan of Skrillex and Diplo, just the way they create music together is inspiring and I try to take that feeling with me into the studio. Skrillex is in my opinion hands down one of the best producers and a lot people would probably agree with me. What’s your dream gig, made up or real?   In existence, since we’re here in Miami I would love to pay Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival. If we were not being realistic, I’d say playing in space would be pretty insane. Pluto Festival 2020…20-whenever we can get there!   What’s the hardest part about DJing and Producing?   Creatively, you’ll have those days where you feel stuck and that’s really hard to come out of because you know you have all this time and music but nothing you put down sounds right.]]]]> ]]>