This is the first North American outdoor event for the world’s leading event production company with six generations of experience promoting unforgettable spectacles. One of the biggest attributes of elrow is their mission to create an immersive experience in an enchanted environment that completely surrounds you, so that you feel that you are inside it and part of it. Performers interact with guests, who become actors in the story, integrated into a psychedelic circus-like environment and vibrant atmosphere unlike any other. What’s been described by media (RBMA) as “a cross between Cirque du Soleil and Burning Man.”   What can you expect at elrow? Emperors to the right of you. Gladiators to the left. Before you, goddesses. Behind you, wizards. All around you, characters that seem to have tumbled through a looking glass from a magical parallel plane. Weddings, bull fights, acrobats on bungee cords, chariots and gondolas gliding across the sky, jugglers, jocks, vikings, and pirates. Where are you? You are at an elrow party. For Rowlympics, elrow will be transporting guests to the year 50 AC and a tiny hamlet in a place called elrowia, occupied by the Romans. Inhabited by irrepressible hedonists, the hamlet uses a magic potion to makes themselves invincible. In a gesture of peace, the frustrated Romans invite them to their Rowlympic Games where athletes and “barbarows” joyfully competed to see who got to be the greatest party athlete of all. Guiding them in this large-than-life, multi-sensory quest are top DJs from around the world playing the most uplifting and forward-thinking house music B2B sets.  

MORE ABOUT elrow: “one of the most successful and outlandish party brands around the world.” – BILLBOARD “Arguably the world’s most popular clubbing brand” – RESIDENT ADVISOR “It’s going to be big…” – DJ MAG Watch the elrow mini historical documentary HERE. Watch the making of the elrow performances and decors HERE.

  Hailed as “one of the most successful and outlandish party brands around the world” by Billboard and boasting over 250 events to its credit, elrow is a global phenomenon that can run five events simultaneously and is used to selling out as many as 15,000 tickets in under four hours even before lineups are announced. elrow events take place in over 50 cities on all seven continents, including residencies in Ibiza, Dubai, Madrid, and Barcelona, and stages at major festivals including Glastonbury and Electric Zoo. In 2018 alone, they have over 40 events planned, each guaranteed to sell out as well. Launched in 2010 in Barcelona, elrow is the modern iteration of an entertainment family dynasty that stretches back almost 150 years to 1870. Currently at the helm of the multimedia conglomerate are Juan Arnau Lasierra (CEO) and Cruz Arnau Lasierra (marketing director), who consider “spectacle, music, color and happiness” an inherent part of elrow’s D.N.A. and see New York as elrow’s new home. Elrow is a true force to be reckoned with, elating discerning partygoers worldwide, as evidenced by their more than 1 million followers on Facebook and 230,000 on Instagram. Fans follow elrow loyally around the planet, confident they’re part of a magical experience, determined to seize a place in the realm of memorable parties that channel royalty’s most outrageous extravaganzas. ]]>