Think Outside the Box with Nick Noorlind Rouner (Noorlind) Resident Producer Marquee & Lavo New York City [Exclusive] Interview

by Michael Beas

Brooklyn-bred DJ/producer Nick Noorlind Rouner (Noorlind) has been rocking the biggest clubs on the East Coat since before he could legally drink. A classically-trained jazz bassist with a degree in international economics and Arabic, Noorlind got his first taste of electronic dance music in high school and instantly knew that he had found his passion. With seven years of experience behind the decks, the 25-year old has already amassed an impressive resume; landing residencies at Marquee & Lavo New York and making appearances at EDC, Life In Color, Echostage, and Wall Miami to name a few. Noorlind regularly performs with some of the biggest names in the business including Galantis, Afrojack, Nervo, & Jauz and is the personal go-to for The Chainsmokers, who tapped him to perform at their debut album release and post-tour after parties this past summer. Now, after spending a year honing his chops at LA’s distinguished production school Icon Collective, Noorlind is taking his dance floor expertise to the studio with a diverse catalogue of productions that will make 2018 his biggest year yet!



One of your residencies is at the Marquee in NYC, whats the experience like to perform at such an amazing venue week after week? 


Marquee is an incredible venue – the sound system and production/lighting are the best in the city, and it’s really become like a second home to me. Every time I play there I’m reminded why I love doing this so much and I get inspired to work even harder in the studio.


It’s also really informative to get to see how the musical tastes of Marquee’s crowd changes over time – sometimes a track or genre that had everybody jumping a few weeks before simply stops resonating, so I’ll try to figure out why that is and adjust accordingly. I’m always shuffling tracks in and out of my set lists to test new ideas and make the performance as engaging for the crowd as possible.


One of the perks of performing at such an amazing venue is the amount of Class A Talent that you get to meet and perform with. Who of all the artists that you have met and worked with in the past has inspired you the most? 


I am continually inspired by The Chainsmokers – two of the hardest-working people in the industry and guys I’m proud to call old friends. Seeing their journey over the years has been surreal – I remember one Thursday night we played together at a club in DC while I was in college there, and quite literally nine people showed up. The night was a total bust, and we closed early and went back to my apartment… two months later they released Selfie, and you know the story from there. They are now on a level where they actually dictate trends in popular music, which is insane. Being asked to perform at their “Memories Do Not Open” album release and post-tour afterparties this past summer was a huge honor – and I also met my girlfriend of nearly four years at a show I opened for them, so I also owe them for that as well!


When someone comes to catch a Noorlind set, what can they expect from your music and from the vibe that you resonate into the crowd?


While house music will always be my first love I truly enjoy a wide variety of genres, and I love the challenge of reading a room and tailoring my sets on the fly to get everybody moving. I might start a night off with deep or tech house and move into indie dance and funk tracks, then sprinkle in some Missy Elliott or Stromae and transition into future house – at peak time I could be playing more trap and big room and then throw in a Bee Gees classic… It’s all about the moment and giving people an experience they will go home feeling good about!


With technology these days it’s so easy to get lost in the sound vs. learning how to make something out of it. You just finished getting your degree in school for music and producing.  Why is getting a degree in music so important to you and do you think it will make a difference on the booking front? 


I heard somebody say that, in order to think outside the box one first needs to learn how to build the box – and I think this absolutely applies to music production. I realized there were so many skills I needed to learn to be able to make the ideas in my head come to life out of my speakers – sound design, mixing, mastering, songwriting, recording, the list goes on and on – that I needed a formal education to get a solid foundation in al these disciplines. With so many people making music these days the market is incredibly competitive, and you have to be able to both write and engineer great tracks to stand out above the rest as a producer.


You just dropped a sick remix of Mike Williams and Dastic – You and I. Talk to us about that remix and what plans you have in 2018 to create and produce new music? 


That remix actually went from concept to finished master in a little under four days – you hear a lot of artists say that their favorite projects came together the most quickly, and I believe that to be absolutely true. I pitched the vocal down and wrote the keys around it one evening and played it for my friend Michael (Weekend Rendition) the next day – he thought it had a lot of potential, and we fleshed the rest of the track out that week. We tried to balance musicality with club playability, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out – it’s been getting great reception on the dance floor!


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Bonus Question: When you get to the top of the charts and have the Ability to buy anything you want and you have to pick, Private Jet or Fast Ass Sports Car which one would buy first and why? 


I keep having this recurring dream that I’m on a Bombardier Global Express playing Settlers of Catan with Barack Obama, Guy Fieri, and the Migos – so I’m gonna have to go with the plane.


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