Thomas Turner and Relentless Beats

I had the opportunity to interview Thomas Turner from Relentless Beats an Arizona base EDM++ event production company for almost 20 years.

Question 1 

What is the story behind Relentless Beats? How did it come into existence and what does it mean to you personally to see it turn into one of the biggest names in the world of Dance Music? 

Relentless Beats is a name I came up with over 20 years ago.  I was producing parties for my friends in different settings around Arizona and needed a name to identify with. It’s been a surreal experience from beginning to end to see it evolve this long and be this influential in so many lives.  It started with a passion for European electronic music which was not an active culture in America just yet, but was soon to take the underground by storm. Thomas Turner

Question 2

You could have started Relentless Beats in any part of the country, why choose Arizona as the home place for you and your company? 

I’m born and raised in Arizona so for me it’s the perfect fit.  When I started promoting rave culture it was much different than it is now and I had an affinity for very well-produced house music which is still my #1 passion for this business. That, and creating community. Thomas Turner

Question 3

You have overcome so many adversities in life, especially the hurdle that you overcame in 2019 with the closure of Track Club in AZ. How does one bounce back from the setbacks that life offers you and what advice do you have for the world that is looking to bounce back from this global pandemic? 

Sometimes things are just simply out of your control.  This was definitely the case for me in Track Club’s closure, and for the world relating to covid-19.   I’ve found peace in both of them as just part of my journey.  I don’t believe either has a significant impact on how I live the rest of my life.   I’m really optimistic about the future and believe people are really going to appreciate what they have a lot more when we are free to go about our business. Thomas Turner

 Question 4

The new “normal” for the world of dance music seems to be Virtual. With so many events being put on hold and the upcoming holidays like Halloween and NYE, especially NYE with Decadence what plans are in the works for the Relentless Beats fans that are looking to attend the events? 

It’s a really active conversation.  We are already making progress as a society and I believe that’s not gonna stop even though I do foresee some more hurdles as the world grapples with treatments, testing, and of course a vaccine.   I believe we are raving in 2021 😉 Thomas Turner

Question 5

If you could put on a Thomas Turner Festival with your personal favorite artists performing, who are the top 5 artists that you would invite to perform.  

If I’m selecting from today’s acts, I would say Chris Lake, Malaa, Damian Lazarus, Green Velvet, Zeds Dead. If I’m choosing all-time favorites, I’d say Sasha & Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk, and Avicii. Thomas Turner